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Recently it was brought to my attention that some folks had some difficulty in navigating around the web site and in locating a specific story or subject.

Below is a complete listing of ALL STORIES and subject material on the World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words web site.

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This page is designed for ease of navigation and broken down into the same catagories as found within the pages of this web site.


Hopefully, the lists below will assist you in finding a specific story.

Should you wish, you may click on the CATAGORY LINK (i.e., ARMY Catagory, Navy Catagory, etc.) and this will give you a complete listing -- with brief descriptions of each story -- of all stories in that particular catagory.

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Stories and Images by Catagory:



Dedication: Sidney J. "Chick" Richard 1917 -- 2003

Dedication: Jacques Fuselier 1919 -- 2003

Dedication: Lucy (Hebert) Richard 1916 -- 2002

Mission Statement

Telling the Story: Times Picayune Article of September 4, 2003



ARMY  Catagory:

Stories of the Men of the 102d Infantry Division

Stories of the Men of the 102nd Division is the largest collection of stories on this web site and starts with stories from "Those Damn Doggies in F" as well as additional stories of the men in the 405th, 406th, 407th Regiments. Additionally, we have added numerous stories from the supporting units in the 102nd Infantry Division.

Stories are added on a regular basis to this growing section.

A Brief History of the 102d Infantry Division

"Those Damn Doggies in F": Stories of F. Co., 405th Infantry Regiment

Stories of the Men of Co. F., 405th Regiment, 102nd Division (2nd Battn) 

        the "Kitchen Histories Project" of Co. F.

        A Trubute to the Men of Co. F., 405th Reg, 102nd Division, (2nd Battn)

        The ROSTER of Co. F., 405th Regiment

        The MEN (as Mentioned in the Stories) of Fox Company

        The Roer River Crossing: February 23, 1945

                Battlefield Art: the Roer River Crossing

        the Concentration Camps

        Bez, Carl, Co. F., 405th Reg. -- Letter

        Brophy, James J. "Jim", Co. F., 405th Reg. -- A Series of Five Audio Tapes

        Brown, Tom, Co. F., 405th Reg. -- Letter of 22 September 1945

        Calloway, Odra W., Co. F., 405th Reg., -- "My War"

        Cambell, Bob, Co. F., 405th Reg. -- Letter

        Dowd, Frank D. Jr., Co. F., 405th Reg, -- "Experiences in the 102nd Div."

        Fisher, Robert "Bob", Co. F., 405th Reg. -- "I Remember the Big One"

        Ganz, Ben, Co. F., 405th Reg. -- Letter

        Greenburg, Gene, Sgt., Co. F., 405th Reg. -- "Gene's World War II Diary"



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